Stream On 2021


Stream On 2021

Spotify partnered with us to produce their high-profile global streaming event, Stream On. This exciting project saw us filming executives and artists across multiple locations, from Stockholm to New York, to California.

With a limited timeline and at the height of the 2020/2021 COVID winter surge, our challenge was to move quickly.



Safe production.


With cities on the brink of lockdown, our productions department went into overdrive to ensure the health and safety of all teams across global shoots.  We administered over 2,000 COVID tests, to keep both our team and our production safe.

These unique set of circumstances served to highlight our team’s adaptability, as we kicked into high-gear, securing a variety of iconic music and lifestyle locations, shuffling and booking crews during a tight shoot schedule, and navigating through a tough permit climate in New York City —this was all done with no compromise to the health and safety of our team, nor the final product.

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