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San Francisco, California, October 29th 2012 – ZED INK created and produced a media keynote and hands-on brand immersion in just six weeks from pitch to completion for Microsoft’s launch of the new Windows Phone 8. The much anticipated event was attended by several hundred tech and lifestyle journalists who described the mood and tone […]

WATCH: Microsoft Surface Keynote [VIDEO] Microsoft unveils its new Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets at its June 18th event in Los Angeles ~ ZED INK collaborated and produced this Secret Event. ALSO Read more about it: LATimes: Microsoft Enters Tablet Market with Surface ~ ZED INK Collaborates with Windows Team on Secret Event [News]

Indianapolis, Indiana, August 16th 2012 — ZED INK had the privilege and distinction to be chosen to creatively direct and design the Dungeons & Dragons Keynote Presentation at the 2012 Gen Con conference in Indianapolis. Zed Ink welcomed the fantastic opportunity to delve into the storied history, inimitable culture and enduring passion of the D&D […]

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“The creative personality never remains fixed on the first world it discovers.
It never resigns itself to anything.”  – Anaīs Nin