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ZED INK develops and brings to life new and existing brands, holistically weaving brand identity throughout any experience

e306-passports-comps[1]-1Pre-event communications are an essential part of igniting brand immersion


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We design the guiding graphic vernacular of an experience, then activate it across all design collateral


We integrate signage looks and directional ID to compliment an environment, through printed or human way-finding devices

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One of our core strengths is to infuse a brand’s DNA into all elements of an event or experience, sometimes boldly and literally – and other times through delicate nuancesphoto_07-03

We get to know and understand the unique tone and tenor of an environment, before creating signage or custom apparel for it – to blend into the space seamlessly, as if our design elements were there all along

olivia-vip-survival-insert after establishing the tone/tempo of an experience in a program show flow, we stay nimble, and we listen intently to our audience’s physical and aural response these real-time, intuitive human cues help us to shift the experience to suit the ever-changing emotional current of the audience

We design full content for shows, and integrate in existing brand assets to bring the show to life visually

pioneering, seeking out the hottest newest technologies; then connecting originally, inventively Photo: ED RITGER

We play with texture, dimension and structure to develop branded artistic forms that deserve to be keepsakes





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