a brand isn't just something you choose, it's something you feel

 it's an emotional reaction to an environment, an image, a product

  that reaction sparks a decision and that decision can change behavior

That reaction and Emotion can be brought to life through the magic of storytelling and creatively connecting things

It's what drives us everyday

“If you can’t explain it to a six-year old,
you don’t understand it yourself.”

- Albert Einstein

whether it's the story of how an invitation connects to an audience; to how a script is written; to how consumers will flow through an environment, every detail is relevant to the overall messaging and experience of a program from the audiences perspective

at ZED INK we create experiences that will shape perceptions and position brands where they want to be, in the hearts and minds of industries and consumers, taking audiences beyond 2D and 3D into the 4th dimension of experience based storytelling

A 360 full throttle immersion for your brand



we believe that genuine creativity needs a collision of ideas, for without collaboration nothing creatively can be achieved

we believe it is the ability to spot the potential in a brand by connecting things that don’t ordinarily go together

ZED INK is fundamentally structured as a collaborative entity. We love working with our partners in PR, Social Media and Marketing to make sure that we tackle the end-to-end experience from a holistic standpoint

we are passionate about our work, we do whatever it takes to make an idea come to fruition, we love what we do and enjoy the journey along the way…